Crowdsourcing Social Good Applications at Massive Scale:

The Living Progress Challenge is an expansive social good campaign with 5 unique phases, using crowdsourcing throughout to solicit amazing ideas, and to then design, develop, and deploy them all through crowdsourcing challenges.

This site focuses on 2 key phases: Design and Build that are being executed on Topcoder.

How Crowdsourcing Helped Execute at Scale

The infographic highlights key metrics about the size of Topcoder’s on-demand workforce involved in this series of competitions, the types of skills accessed, and the types of work completed (design, development, and data science) in the Design phase of HPE’s Living Progress Challenge.

Living Progress Challenge Teams – Top 10 Finalists


The 10 finalists from the Design Phase were invited to
present their application MVPs live at a demo day event held at New Lab in Brooklyn, New York. Up to 5 teams
will advance to the Build Phaseanother series of crowdsourcing competitions on Topcoder that will help teams develop their solutions from prototype to deployment.